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Friday, October 07, 2022
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Khalihenna: if Morocco is economically interested in the Sahara it will not decide to grant it autonomy with its economy managed by its institutions.

Mr. Ould Errachid was interviewed by the Spanish TV channel Canal Sur in the context of the preparation of the Royal Advisory Council for Saharan Affairs of the proposed solution to end the dispute over the Sahara which will be soon submitted to the UN Secretary-General.

Good morning, it is true that there is a conflict for the inhabitants of Andalusia in particular, and Spanish people in general, this conflict is dear to their hearts; and we are talking about the Sahara conflict which remains with no solution. The UN came up with proposals and initiatives, The Polisario front believes in auto-determination, there are also initiatives presented by the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, who created the Royal consultative Council for Saharan Affairs, in order to search for a solution, and that will be handed over to the UN during next October.  We will talk about this conflict with the Chairman of the Royal consultative council for Saharan Affairs MR Khalihana Ould Er Rachid  .

 Presenter : good morning

 Chairman  : Good morning

 Presenter :  Thereza Hiriro , the journalist will join us in this interview, and we will start with the proposal which  will be handed over

 Chairman :  Yes , this conflict has been going on for a long time , and the appropriate times  comes to solve this conflict, while his Majesty the King of Morocco, made some important changes politically , economically , and democratically; and he proposed the autonomy as  as a democratic solution which is in conformity with  the international criteria, and grants the Sahraoui all their political , economic, social and cultural requirements, which means the creation of a particular entity for Saharaoui  within the  Kingdom of Morocco  .  The previous plans did not give any results, and failed to solve the problem, i.e. the war and the search for the referendum of the auto-determination.

 Presenter: there is a contradiction in terms of statements, while you are asking the Polisario front to join the council and its dynamism; the later is determined to see the auto –determination taking place, so the solution will not be easy to reach.

 Chairman : of course the solution will not be easy to reach,, on one hand , on the other hand it will be easy; this council is formed by members who they all belong to Sahara region, and they would like to see an end to this conflict ,  which resulted of many problems for Sahraoui people, and we refuse that Sahraouis remain for ever in the camps, all the proposals  failed ,  the Un recognized this fact, in order to get out of this deadlock, the autonomy remains the best system, this principle is applied in Spain,  Italy, , and several European countries, and I believe that it is and advanced form of auto- determination, which does not allow separatism . the autonomy is the best shape to put into practice the political , economic; social, and cultural demands .

 Presenter (Theresa hiriro): we would like to know from you, why do you consider , from your own point of view the autonomy as a miracle ? 

 Chairman: this project is new for Morocco, and will change deeply  the Kingdom of Morocco, the autonomy will speed up  the democratic process in this country, and will  allow a good management of the economic, social , and political activities, and will create an example which will be followed up in the continent of Africa , and the Islamic and Arab world  . I believe that this autonomy is a miracle solution, because it makes everybody a winner, and all parties will get out of this dispute winners, meaning Sahraouis will win because it is going to fulfil their requirements, and also Morocco being a country, will win because it is going to guaranty its territorial integrity, even Algeria is bound to win because it will get out of this crisis its head up, and finally the international community will win because it will get out of such dispute that …….

The presenter:
This is what you say, so why the other party does not see that clearly?

 The Chairman: the other party is our brothers, cousins, and we form one family. The Polisario front is not a democratic movement, it is a political military movement which was established in the seventies, and did not know any political changes, to become a pragmatic movement, or to accept the pluraty. The situation in the refugee camps is so bad, and the refugees in the camps will force the Polisario front to negotiate, because there is no other alternative.


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